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Let me REINTRODUCE myself!

Who am I? Glad you asked! For those who do NOT know me, my name is Ty Roberts and my previous business name was Gennisi Birth Services. If you have been able to take a look at this page, you will see that there is a story behind my decision to rebrand with the name Miracle V Birth Concierge. I hope you found it inspiring and that it resonated somewhere within you.

I am a certified birth and postpartum doula as well as a placenta encapsulator, doula instructor (I teach others how to become doulas). I am involved in several community and state initiatives that support black maternal health. Everything else is on my about page, so feel free to take a look!

I’ve been a doula for some years and sincerely enjoy serving my clients. What is my biggest joy? Watching families find their voice and advocate for their birth needs! That’s my JAM!!!

I believe that every birth is a miracle………… not just that it’s the name of my business. I also believe that every birth should be supported. I also KNOW that every birth comes with its own list of challenges even in the best situation. But having a good birth team can make the difference.

I’m Ty, the doula. Plain and simple. No pretenses and no fallacies of my capabilities and the level of support I offer. If I could wave a magic wand, my dream would be that every woman every where could experience the most empowering, strengthening, and supported birth that they could possibly have. That’s my goal. That’s MY dream.

Personally, I am a mom. I am a mom of four amazing girls, soon-to-be grandmother of another beautiful girl. I guess girls are my jam, too?? At least someone thinks so! Lol. I was born in NJ and raised between NJ and SC, after which I have ended up on TN. People often get confused as to why my northern accent is not as thick as most. Good reason…I’ve not had extensive living time up north. Now don’t get me wrong; the accent is still there, but usually only when I’m excited or upset……………

I hope you stay a while. Share with others this blog space where we will discuss everything birth and (maybe, lol) beyond. Let me be your birth guide. It can be a funny, sentimental, complicated, enlightening, and educational ride. But I hope you will join me. And of course, if you need a doula, I got you!


Ty, Your Doula

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