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 Prenatal Concierge Packages



Classic Package                           

Two Prenatal Visits (One Hour Each): During this time, we will begin to build our trusting relationship. We will discuss everything from your family history and support involvement to your desires for your pregnancy, labor and birth options, and postpartum. It is this relationship building that will allow us to freely engage during your birth experience. Our sessions will include: birth plan completion, hands-on techniques for comfort and pain control, distraction techniques during labor, support and inclusion from your other birth attendees. LABOR AND BIRTH SUPPORT: From the moment you decide to have me join you during labor, I will be by your side until at least an hour after you have given birth. During this time, we will employ everything that we have discussed and practiced during our prenatal sessions. After baby is born, I will make sure you are continuing to be cared for and even help you with basic breastfeeding. Two Postpartum Visits: We will discuss and recall events surrounding your birth and your views on how things went. I will also help you pull together pieces that you may have forgotten so that you have a full picture of your birth. This time is ALL about you. I will also check to make sure you are not experiencing postpartum depression and if you are, I will help find you resources to help support you best. Basic Lactation Support: I will help you with your initial latch and finding the optimal positions to breastfeed your baby, educate you about hunger cues, and how to avoid creating a “hangry” baby!

Premium Package                            

Three Prenatal Visits (One Hour Each): Attendance of One Doctor's Appointment: -I will accompany you to a doctors visit so that I can be of extra support and have a clearer understanding of what your pregnancy is doing. Having this firsthand information will allow me a clearer understanding of what we need to as a team to create the best plan for you and your labor/birth. Labor & Birth Support Three Postpartum Visits Basic Lactation Support Postpartum Planning Session: We will discuss what your postpartum period will look like whether you are: -Returning to the workplace. -Returning to school. -Will be a stay-at-home mom. With each of these scenarios, we will put together a formal plan to help you transition in a step-by-step practical and comprehensive way.

Ultimate Experience                          

Three Prenatal Visits (One Hour Each): Labor & Birth Support Attendance of One Doctor’s Appt : Postpartum Planning Session: (1 hr) Basic Lactation Support Four Postpartum Visits Creation of Meal Train -I will create for you a plan to have meals prepared and delivered to you either through gift cards, personal preparation, or delivery so that you can focus on yourself and baby for at least two weeks. -Private Childbirth Education Class (express) Mother's Blessing Ceremony (see description below)

À La Carte

MOTHER’S BLESSING CEREMONY Who doesn’t want to feel like queen for a day? Especially when they are about to give birth and welcome their little one. Our Mother’s Blessing Ceremony caters to mom for a day. We will start out with a spa pedicure to relax and pamper mom. Later in the day, a special meal is prepared for you and your partner (or whoever you choose) followed by an evening of love and support by the people you love the most (can’t tell all the details…..we like surprises!) REVITALIZATION PACKAGE Having a baby is a time of joy and a time of transition and healing. Our revitalization package allows you to do so with some very intentional support. With your revitalization package, you will receive: Herbal teas and baths to help your body get back to its normal homeostasis. A week of prepared postpartum meals (lunch/dinner). Did you forget to get something for yourself or baby from the store? Or did you run out of something you need? Don’t worry! Make the list and send it to me; I got you! This also makes an amazing gift! (Mother's Blessing and Revitalization Package also make amazing gifts!!) PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION Your placenta encapsulation service comes with the following: Placenta art Cord Keepsake Placenta capsules Tincture

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