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Meet Ty Roberts

Miracle V Birth Consierge Logo (1)_edite

Hello and welcome to Miracle V. Birth Concierge. I am a certified birth and postpartum doula in Knoxville, TN!


I developed a love for all things pregnancy, birth, and newborn from a very early age. I’m not sure of the first memory, but I vividly remember standing in front of an expectant mom and gazing up at her stomach wondering how this baby got there. How was she pregnant?  How is the baby going to come out?  How old will the baby be when it’s born? You know…. all the regular kiddie questions. It was this fascination that carried me into early adulthood and led to the desire to become an OB/GYN.


Those plans were averted by life changes. However, the great fascination and admiration that I had as a child never left. When I first heard the word “doula,” I was intrigued with its description and knew within myself that this was my calling. As with anything, it took a minute to finally take the plunge, but once I did, I have never looked back.


Although I serve all birthing people, I am incredibly passionate about serving the African American community and bringing awareness to the care that pregnant African American women need and deserve during this special time in their lives. In addition, I encourage women to become stronger advocates and make more informed healthcare choices.


My heart's desire is for women to have empowering birth experiences that leave them safe, supported, and surrounding by love and compassion through passionate Doula care.

- Ty


Miracle V Birth Consierge Logo (1)_edite
  • Professionally Trained & Certified Birth Doula - ProDoula

  • Certified Doula Instructor & Childbirth Educator - ProDoula

  • Certified Postpartum Doula & Placenta Encapsulator - Women's Choice Perinatal

  • CPR Certified (Adult & Pediatric) - American Red Cross

  • Member of National Black Doula Association

  • Member of Tennessee Maternal Health Task Force

  • Knox Birth Equity Alliance

  • Board Member for Postpartum Support International

Miracle V Birth Consierge Logo (1)_edite

Origin of Miracle V. Birth Concierge

When I decided to rebrand my business, Gennisi Birth Services, I wanted to make sure that I was going in the right direction. I wanted the name to be a household name, but I also wanted a name that would be significant. After having some conversations, the question was presented to me, “what about naming it after your daughter that passed away?” I’ll admit that that was not an idea I had visited prior to that question, but the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. I’d like to share with you my story so that you too may be able to appreciate why this name was birthed (no pun intended, lol). In 1999, I underwent months of fertility treatments due to some issues that I had with conceiving. After going through the ups and downs of the process, I was finally told that I had conceived. Almost from the start the pregnancy had complications. Around three months I realized that I was experiencing Braxton Hicks, but I thought that it was something that would go away because it was clearly too early for this to be happening. I went to the doctor at five months for a routine check, and upon my exam they found that my bag of waters was bulging and immediately sent me to the L&D triage and then straight to admission. The plan was to have a cerclage the following morning, but by morning I had dilated too much to get the procedure done. The plan then became to keep me in the hospital on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy, which was also an hour away from my then seven-year-old and (then) husband. My stay in the hospital became even more stressful when I was told that I had very little fluid left to support the baby. I was then instructed & ordered to consume as much fluid as I could and placed in a partial Trendelenburg position to keep from dilating anymore. Ultimately, none of this worked and at exactly six months I went into labor with no ability to stop the contractions. Being that my family was an hour away, by the time I was able to call my husband and his hour-long drive to get there, I had already had the baby…… Miracle Victoria. Her cry was faint, but she was alive. She weighed 1.5 pounds and was given very little chance to live but she was whisked off to NICU and was fighting for her life. For five weeks, I was with her every chance I could get, even when my body was clearly breaking down from not resting after birthing her. I didn’t care. My baby needed me, and I was determined to be there. I pumped breast milk for her every day, and they were able to feed her through a port. For five weeks, I went through every emotion possible as I hoped and prayed for her to be well enough for her to go home with me. For five weeks, at least one doctor a day would tell me that my baby was going to die and to just give up. For five weeks, I did all I could to keep it together despite what she looked like and ow she was doing from day to day whether it was good or bad. For five weeks, I was on the brink of losing it at the drop of a hat. For five weeks, I was living in hell. The morning I got the call I never wanted to get, I was once again alone. I went to be by her side. I prayed. I bargained and negotiated with God. I cried my eyes out. But, I also got to hold her which I had not had a chance to do since she was born. It would be the only time I would hold her, but I held her close until she took her last breath. Having all of this happen gave me a greater compassion for moms who have difficult pregnancies, have safe pregnancies but are still afraid, people experiencing infertility, or those who have babies that must spend time in NICU. This experience, gives me appreciation even more for the miracle of pregnancy and birth. It also gives me firsthand relatability, as painful as it may be. I pen her name to this business in her honor. Every person I serve, I serve with her in mind. I serve others knowing that she would be proud of her mom. I serve others knowing that she has sisters here on earth who will be impacted by the legacy that I can leave by being an advocate for the reproductive rights and care of all women. I serve knowing that when I make a difference for a woman of color, I bring honor to her. Every pregnancy is a miracle. She is mine. Always in my heart, Miracle Victoria. Mommy loves you.

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