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Miracle V. Birth Concierge


Reduce the likelihood of interventions during labor & birth.
Access to pain relieving techniques during birth
Education on birth options & postpartum support

Packages & Services

View our extensive list of packages that cover the most essential needs.

These packages can make the gift of pregnancy worth while.

Relax while we take care of you.

Prenatal Concierge Packages
Ultimate Experience

The ultimate experience is just as it sounds! This includes everything in both the standard & medium.


Plus, meal prepping, an exclusive class of your choice, and a mother's blessing ceremony to prepare Mom for the big day!

Premium Package

The medium packages includes everything in the standard, but provides a little extra support in planning life after baby.


This also includes a doctor's visit so we have a full understanding of how the pregnancy is going.

Classic Package

Our standard package covers the basic essentials! Prenatal visits, labor & delivery, & postpartum check-ins.


This package also provides lactation support. 

Postpartum Concierge Packages
Morning Postpartum Support
Evening Postpartum Support 
Nanny Services

The Morning Postpartum Support gives Mom the refreshing morning she deserves.


We will take care of baby while you get some extra rest or run errands.

The Evening Postpartum Support gives mom the evening to take care of herself and get a good night's sleep.


Don't worry about baby - we've got it covered!

Are you preparing to return to work (remote or out of home) or school - but not quite ready for daycare?


This would be ideal for you! This is for moms who need extra help outside of postpartum care!

À La Carte
Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulating your placenta can be an essential benefit for your healing post birth. As a certified placenta specialist, I will encapsulate your placenta in a timely fashion so that you reap all of the holistic benefits it provides. This also comes with beautiful additions to your capsules.

Mother Blessing Ceremony

This ceremony is dedicated to making Mom feel like the queen she is for a day.


From spa pedicure, to a massage and meal of her choice - she is sure to enjoy this day full of surprises!

Revitalization Package

Having a baby is a time of joy and a time of transition and healing. Our revitalization package allows you to do so with some very intentional support. With your revitalization package, you will receive: Herbal teas and baths to help your body get back to its normal homeostasis. A week of prepared postpartum meals (lunch/dinner). Did you forget to get something for yourself or baby from the store? Or did you run out of something you need? Don’t worry! Make the list and send it to me; I got you! (This also makes an amazing gift!!)

Book A Consultation

Use the link below to schedule a consultation about your next service, package or class!

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