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Private Classes Offered

Are you interested in learning more about childbirth education or caring for newborns? We provide an array of courses that can better prepare you for the future!

Childbirth Education Class                  $350

One single session or two one-on-one sessions that will take you from anatomy and physiology of your pregnant body all the way to the newborn stage of your baby’s life.

Newborn Care Class                      $250

Let’s talk about what to expect from your newborn and how you can be better prepared to take care of them.

Infant CPR Class                                $250

Being prepared for anything is the name of the game. Knowing how to respond in an emergency situation with your baby is extremely important and I will educate you about what will keep your baby alive!

Book A Consultation

To learn more about the classes we offer use the link below to book a consultation!

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