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Self care is an important aspect of physical and mental health. Let's look at some ways to practice self care regularly:

  1. Take a break from working and do something you enjoy. Reading a book, going for a walk, getting a massage, listening to some good music, taking a nice long bath are just a few.

  2. Get back to your enjoyed hobbies. What have you stopped doing that you absolutely enjoy?

  3. SLEEEEEEEP! You MUST get enough sleep each night so that your mind can stay clear and rejuvenated, not to mention the fact that your body needs to recuperate and regenerate.

  4. Get regular exercise. Don't have an exercise routine? No worries! Start slow when developing one and then make it a point to maintain it.

  5. I can't stress enough how important how much ME time is.

  6. Friends. Take some time with friends. If this is draining for you, don't push it. If you can only handle one friend at a time, one moment at a time, that works, too!

  7. Get outside!!! Maybe you are not a person who likes nature, but taking a little time to get some good sunlight will do your body and your mind some good. I'm DEFINITELY not an outdoor person, but sometimes I have to make myself and I'm always glad when I do!

You can probably think of more things and add to this list. Self care is what helps YOU and what helps you may not work for everyone else. However you need to do it, take care of yourself. You can't help others if you are depleted and you can't draw from an empty well.

Happy self care!!!

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