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You've just found out that you are growing a new life inside of you. Your mind is racing with thoughts: Can I do this? Am I ready? What am I to expect now? You may be filled with excitement, apprehension, fear, nervousness, and many more emotions that you have not yet identified. This is where having someone come alongside you and walk with you as you navigate the ups, downs, and in between of this journey comes in. This is where I would love to be...with you as we partner to bring about the birth experience that you desire and deserve!


I'm Here For YOU!

From the very first consultation until the very last postpartum visit, I will work to provide a safe space for you and your partner/family. I will provide you with every resource to make sure that you are empowered and able to make your very own informed decisions about your care and birth. During our prenatal visits, we will practice positioning, comfort measures, breathing techniques, and hands-on techniques that will be utilized during your labor and birth. We will also discuss what you want your postpartum to look like: What happens when you return to work? Who will watch your new little one? What should your nutrition look like? How will you invest in self-care?


I believe in building relationships. Not just doula/client relationships, but the kind of relationship that lasts long after the birth. Being allowed into someone's personal and intimate space requires a level of trust that supersedes signing a contract. That's what I would like to offer you as your doula. 

I'd love to speak further with you and allow you to get a better feel of who I am and allow me to share with you more about how I can support you. If I have even slightly piqued your interest, feel free to reach out. I'd love to meet you!


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Ty was personal, positive, and professional throughout my entire pregnancy. Thanks to her comprehensive services, my husband and I felt prepared for labor and childbirth, educated in our decisions, and comforted by having her on our team. This was our first viable pregnancy and our first time hiring a doula. We experienced a healthy labor and delivery and I attribute the success of our journey largely to the services that Ty enthusiastically provided. Gennisi Doula’s packages were straightforward, payment plans were accommodating to fit our needs, and Ty’s communication never wavered. She was a calm presence when contractions began and a warrior (in prayer and practice) in the delivery room. She went above and beyond our expectations. Everyone needs a doula whether for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. We love Ty, relied on her to welcome our baby boy into this world and to embrace parenthood with full confidence and support. Best doula ever!

Jean & Terjuna

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